Business trip treatment <price and course>

Business trip area

(Practical fee + business trip cost)

Chigasaki City, Samukawa Town, Hiratsuka City, Ohori Town, Ninomiya Town

Fujisawa City, Kamakura City, Kashiwa City, Hayama Town

Other in Kanagawa Prefecture

For reservations and inquiries, please call or make an online reservation from the following.

50 minutes 9,000 yen

80 minutes 13,000 yen

50 minutes 10,000 yen

80 minutes 14,000 yen

80 minutes 14,000 yen

・ We accept business trip from one person.
・ We also offer treatment for two or more people.
・ There is discount of business trip charge per person with 3 people or more.
・ We will visit the designated place for treatment place.
· Payment will be handled only in cash.
-Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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